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About Sealy Cuyler Funeral Home

"Serving with Dignity and Integrity"

Maria  K. Sealy and Renaye Brown Cuyler began construction in June 2005 on what would become the Sealy Cuyler Funeral Home, LLC.
Since opening they have endeavored to be known for their superior quality, highly personalized service and concern about the unique and individual needs of each family.
Renaye Cuyler comes from a family of firsts. Her grandfather, George E.B. Tabb was the first African-American funeral director to own his own business which he established in 1926 in her hometown of Williamsburg, Virginia.

She teamed up with Maria, a native of the Bahamas, with over 35 years of experience to open the only funeral home in New York state built from the ground up by two women of color.
The two women have worked very hard to create a facility that emodies the traditional elements of the funeral home while adding personal touches meaningful to them and the community they serve.
Sealy Cuyler Funeral Home, LLC is built on a foundation of tradition.We hope that our site will be able to answer any questions you may have and we thank you for y our interest in our funeral planning, burial and cremation